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functions, the work of which is very difficult to clearly explain and describe in words, but you can see and feel them, when watching various videos on the Mi TV. Optimization of technical support, new era of Smart TV, independent optimization of your TV screen or main unit. Exclusive home App Store If you want to tell your child a fairytale, listen to music, practice yoga or gymnastics, Mi TV App Store will provide you with a wide range of different applications to suit every taste, and every member of the family will find something that will be the most interesting for him. Dolby Audio, high-quality, reliable and minimalist design, all-metal ultra-thin body, compared to the last generation of TV, became thinner by 30, the use of frame cutting technology at an angle of 45, as a result of which there is possible to reconstruct the pattern of the gemstone. Your babys photo album Ability to remotely watch as the child grows The older generation has always liked to watch kids, view photos of grandchildren, waiting for the next meeting with them. H.265 4K video playback speed up to 60 frames per second Full support of popular video formats Support.265,.264,.263, mpeg4, real, ASF and other types of coding, as well as RM, FLV, MOV, AVI, MKV, TS, MP4 and many other video formats. Ntsc up to 85, rich color palette, a traditional LED indicator gutschein stickerkid 2019 cant convey the richness of colors, it usually shows only 6070 of ntsc color palette.

Space-saving, an even more convenient way to install  on the wall. Voice Remote Controller is not included in standard set, it must be purchased separately. Mems Dynamic compensation Eliminating smearing and ghosting When watching sports events or playing the race, the lack of graphics processor capacity and performance will lead to the image distortion on the screen. Switching off via Mi Band, demonstration of contents of smartphone, tablet, etc. .

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6M60, independent flagship image processing graphics chip. The Mi TV 3 has a Hi-Fi sound quality, so you can enjoy a distinct and expressive sound of each sound. But you can also use a gamepad. As a result, the bass sound quality exceeded our expectations and all high tones became more pure and sonorous. Easy playback of any video file. Built-in miui Store with a wide range of different applications, games, lots of TV Apps, the opportunity to have fun playing games with the remote control or gamepad.

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